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CASE Medicine
Centre for Altitude Space and Extreme Environment Medicine (CASE Medicine) is a group of clinicians and scientists with specialist interests and training in the medicine and physiology of extreme environments.

We conduct research, teach courses and offer advice in the areas of space, aviation, high altitude, remote, dive and hyperbaric medicine. Central to our work is the concept that the study of human systems stretched to breaking point in extreme environments can increase our understanding of critically ill patients.
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In the 21st Century medicine and applied physiology will play key roles in protecting crews from the biological hazards of the space environment.

High Altitude Medicine and Physiology

Careful acclimatisation and appropriate medical treatment can reduce the death and serious illness that continues to be associated with travel to high altitude.


All forms of flying demonstrate extreme physiology models in the human subject. Future research will allow all forms of aviation to become safer.

Dive and Hyperbaric Medicine

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment has been found to be an effective treatment for carbon monoxide toxicity, radiation induced bone & bladder damage, poorly healing wounds, gas gangrene & anaemia.

Extreme Temperature

Be it the heat of the of the Sahara or the cold of the Antarctic, the human body must adapt in order to survive in environments where extreme temperatures are experienced.

Dr Dan Martin featured in BBC programme

Dr Dan Martin, one of our Senior Lecturers will be featuring in a programme on BBC2 tomorrow evening (Tuesday 7th) at 9pm.

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Paula, Tom, Adam, Ali and Al on their way down to the Gnefetti
Ali Cobb
26th Aug 2010

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Ali Cobb
25th Aug 2010

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Dr Dan Martin featured in BBC programme

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17/08/10: Margherita Hut Gallery
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Paula, Tom, Adam, Ali and Al on their way down to the Gnefetti

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17/08/10: Gneffeti Hut Gallery
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The helicopter dropping off supplies at the Gnefetti Hut

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