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Links - Altitude

Links to other High Altitude Medicine websites and useful references.

General information

British National Mountaineering Council
Mountain medicine area of British National Mountaineering Council website compiled by neurologist and mountain medicine expert Dr Charlie Clarke

High Altitude Medicine Guide
Excellent general information site maintained by Thomas E. Dietz, MD (Emergency & Wilderness Medicine doctor) from Oregon, USA


Medex/Medical Expedition
UK based organisations: Medical Expeditions is a research charity dedicated to investigating the mechanisms of altitude related illness. Medex is a club that provides support for the charitable works of Medical Expeditions.

International Society for Mountain Medicine
(founded in 1985). Its goals are to bring together physicians, scientists and allied professionals interested in mountain medicine, to encourage research on all aspects of mountains, mountain peoples and mountaineers and to spread scientific and practical information about mountain medicine around the world.

Himalayan Rescue Association
Kathmandu, Nepal. Volunteer physician staffed aid posts at Pheriche (Khumbu) and Manang (Annurpurna) and soon Everest Base Camp.

Wilderness Medical Society
US based organisation for medical professionals interested in wilderness environments and the life sciences

International Commission for Alpine Rescue

Austrian Society for Alpine and High Altitude Medicine

Swiss Mountain Medicine Society

Institutes, Centres, etc

Centre for Aviation, Space and Extreme environment medicine, University College London, London, UK

High Altitude Pathology Institute, La Paz, Bolivia

High Altitude Medicine/Physiology Books

Reference Texts

High Altitude Medicine and Physiology
(3rd Edition, December 2000)
James S Milledge, John B West and Michael P Ward

High Altitude Medicine and Pathology
(4th Edition, April 1995)
Donald Heath and David Reid Williams

High Altitude Medicine
Herb Hultgren
Excellent book by legendary high altitude medicine guru

Practical Clinical Handbook

The High Altitude Medicine Handbook
(June 1997)
Andrew J Pollard and David R Murdoch

Historical Overview

High Life: A History of High-Altitude Physiology and Medicine
(1st Edition, July 1998)
John B West

Excellent Lay-man's account:
Going high, the story of man and altitude
Charles S Houston

Additional Literature

High Altitude: An Exploration of Human Adaptation (Lung Biology in Health and Disease, 161)
(September 2001)
Thomas F Hornbein and Robert B Schoene (editors)

High Altitude: Illness and Wellness
(May 1993)
Charles S Houston

High Altitude and Man
(May 1995)
John B West and Sukhamay Lahiri (editors)

Mountain Medicine: A Clinical Study of Cold and High Altitude
(February 1977)
Michael P Ward

Man at high altitude: the pathophysiology of acclimatization and adptation
Donald Heath

Bibliography of High Altitude Medicine and Physiology

University of California San Diego Historical Collection in High Altitude Medicine and Physiology

High Altitude Medicine/Physiology Journals

High Altitude Medicine and Biology
Quarterly specialist journal published by Marie-Anne Libert since March 2000 edited by the legendary Professor John West. Official journal of ISMM (see above)

Wilderness and Environmental Medicine
Quarterly official international journal of the Wilderness Medical Society. Published quarterly. Formerly Journal of Wilderness Medicine.

Research Facilities

Other Interesting Sites

Altitude Training for Sea-Level Competition

A Baker, MD, San Diego, California, USA; WG Hopkins, PhD, Physiology and Physical Education, University of Otago, Dunedin, NZ.