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Dr Oliver Firth

Dr Oli Firth is a full-time diving and hyperbaric physician based at
the London Diving Chamber, London, UK. He is an Approved Medical
Examiner of Divers for the UK Health and Safety Executive, and a
medical referee for the UK Sport Diving Medical Committee.

He is involved in the management of all types of diving-related
illness, including recompression treatment, as well as providing
hyperbaric oxygen treatment for non-diving conditions. He performs
screening assessments for recreational and commercial divers, and
regularly lectures on all aspects of diving and hyperbaric medicine to
doctors, extreme physiology BSc students and local dive clubs. He
writes a monthly column for Sport Diver magazine and has recently
contributed a monograph on decompression illness and barotrauma to a new electronic reference textbook published by the British Medical

Oli remains a passionate diver and has participated in various
expeditions and conservation projects throughout the globe. He also
enjoys cycling, snowboarding and running the occasional marathon.