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Xtreme Alps 2010 Research Group


Expedition Leader:

Dr Daniel Martin
Senior Lecturer / Honorary Consultant in Anaesthesia and Critical Care Medicine at University College London and the Royal Free Hospital
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Research Leader:

Dr Mark Edsell
Consultant Anaesthetist specialising in Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia and Intensive Care at St George?s Hospital, London.
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Laboratory Manager:

Paula Meale
Paula is a Research Nurse at University College London, specialising in surgical outcomes for patients undergoing high-risk operations
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Tom Adams
Lindsay Biseker
Adam Booth
Oliver Burdall
Ali Cobb
Andrew Cumpstey
Steve Dauncey
Mark Edsell
James Farrant
Martin Feelisch
Bernadette Fernandez
Oliver Firth
Ned Gilbert
Daniel Grant
Phil Hennis
Laura Jackson
Will Jenner
Jildou van der Kaaij
Maryam Khosravi
Edith Kortekaas
Zeyn Mahomed
Dan Martin
Paula Meale
Jim Milledge
Kay Mitchell
Damian Mole
Oliver Moses
Alasdair O'Doherty
Alex Salam
Matt Sanborn
Adam Sherperdigian
Fiona Shrubb
Jo Simpson
Nick Talbot
Liesel Wandrag
Savini Wijesingha
Wilby Williamson
Tom Woolley
Heng Yow


Project Manager:

Kay Mitchell
Kay was the Project Manager for the 2007 Caudwell Xtreme Everest expedition and led the 2009 Caudwell Xtreme Everest expedition.
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Expedition Manager:

Mac Mackenney
As Expedition Manager for the Xtreme Everest Expedition 2007 Mac organises the logistics and equipment sourcing for the team
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Medical Officer:

Dr Maryam Khosravi
Maryam completed her undergraduate medical training at University College London with distinction
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The team are now preparing for sea level testing in July 2010. Equipment is arriving in London and being put through its paces. In August the team will move their laboratory to the summit of Monte Rosa and conduct novel experiments in the Margherita Hut at 4559m above sea level.

Organising supplies and equipment for the expedition.
June 2010

Mac Mackenney and Paul Richards checking the electrical equipment.
June 2010

Testing the new Hokanson venous plethysmograph.
June 2010

Equipment being prepared for the sea level laboratory.
June 2010

Centrifuges taken out of storage for the Xtreme Alps 2010 expedition.
May 2010