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The Capanna Regina Margherita (4559m)

History and Georgraphy

The Capanna Regina Margherita, located on the top of Punta Gnifetti (Monte Rosa, 4559m), was inaugurated in 1893. With the support of Queen Margherita of Savoy, an Observatory for scientific studies was built beside this hut in 1894. In 1980 the Italian Alpine Club completely rebuilt the hut; in the following years it became a centre for a great deal of research on high altitude physiology and medicine, glaciology, and environmental sciences. The hut lies on the border between Italy and Switzerland, entirely on Italian territory, although some of the normal foot paths wind across Swiss territory. The first expedition to the Capanna Regina Margherita was led by Angelo Mosso in 1894. Most of the studies performed by Angelo Mosso at the Capanna Regina Margherita were included in his book Fisiologia dell?uomo sulle Alpi, published in 1897 as well as in the first book of the Acts of Scientific Laboratories on Monte Rosa (Laboratoires Scientifique International du Mont Rosa 1904).

The Margherita hut is usually reached by foot, with steep glacier traverse forming the final part of the ascent to the Hut at 4559m. The hut is also usually approached via Zermatt and then on to Alagna Valsesia in Italy.

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