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BLOG: Ali Cobb  16th Aug 2010
The snow continues, as does the research...

The snow has continued to fall at the Margherita Hut and today saw Team A complete the oxygen extraction and physiology studies. With three more subjects for the oxygen extraction study (Mark Edsell, Dan Martin and Jildou van der Kaaij) it has been a very busy day for everyone helping as investigators and subjects alike.

Last night?s pub quiz went down a storm; even the kitchen staff at the hut joined in and did remarkably well considering the language barrier. However, as there was a ?History of the Margherita Hut? round and an ?Italian culture? round it is perhaps not surprising!

For those who weren?t busy today with research, Adam Booth conducted a crevasse rescue workshop in the dinning room, Ned Gilbert ran a gym circuit in the boot room and Jim Milledge took a few brave volunteers on a snowy walk.

Tomorrow is our last day in the Margherita before we descend to the Gneffeti Hut on Wednesday morning to meet Team B. There are a few loose ends to tie up tomorrow with the neuroscience and urine studies and we hope, weather permitting, to host the world?s highest game of handball as directed by Dan Grant, our resident handball expert.

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