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BLOG: Ali Cobb  24th Aug 2010
The packing begins at the Margherita Hut

Business as usual today, however, we have made great strides in the few days we have been here. We have now finished the physiology tests, and have moved onto the neuroscience experiments. Heng and Alex are conducting transcranial doppler scans while Maryam is finishing the SDF studies. The CPEX has been packed away and moved downstairs along with many of the barrels ready for collection tomorrow. A good head start for the daunting task of packing up the entire labs! Let?s hope the helicopter arrives?

Following the final CPEX testing, the team finally let their hair down in the form of an entertainingly unique game show hosted by Quizmasters Oli2. After twelve highly competitive rounds the winning team ?Beetroot Bombers? surged forward. They shot past the early leaders ?Crouching Tiger, Sleeping Heng? gaining full points during the ?Big Whopper? round. It was a much needed release from the long days of experiments.

It?s been a busy week of testing and we have nearly completed all the experiments. Everyone is relieved that there have been no major catastrophes thus far. However, for those with cabin fever the weather has not been very cooperative for the last two days. Being ahead of schedule and the promise of better weather means that there may be an opportunity to head out and explore the mountains once more prior to our descent.

Written by Tom, Lindsey, Bernie, James and Laura

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