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Everest Expedition Reveals Muscle Changes at Altitude
18/04/12:  More research from the 2007 Caudwell Xtreme Everest expedition has been published this month in the prestigious FASEB Journal.

Knowledge VII conference May 19th 2012
22/03/12:  Joint meeting of Xtreme Everest and the Nepal Mountain Medicine Society to be held in Kathmandu

Dr Dan Martin featured in BBC programme
07/02/12:  Dr Dan Martin, one of our Senior Lecturers will be featuring in a programme on BBC2 tomorrow evening (Tuesday 7th) at 9pm.

KnO2wledge VI Conference 2011
03/05/11:  Cold comfort -The double edged sword of hypothermia
Venue: Royal Society of Medicine

Season's greetings from the CASE Medicine Team
22/12/10:  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

The Snow Capped Peaks of Proteinuria
25/08/10:  Protein excretion in the urine is a persistent finding in the high altitude environment. Moreover, there seems to be a correlation between the quantity of proteinuria, the altitudes reached, and the duration of stay.

Microcirculation analysis using SDF at altitude
23/08/10:  One of the many techniques being used on the Xtreme Alps expedition is sidestream dark-field (SDF) imaging.

World?s Highest Game of Handball
22/08/10:  On Tuesday the 17th August, we made history. Two members of the CASE Team - myself and Oliver Burdall, played the highest game of handball in the world.

Muscle Madness
21/08/10:  Today eight of our climbers have had their muscles measured.

The Xtreme Alps Oxygen Extraction Study
17/08/10:  This component of the expedition is specifically designed to look at the ability of the body to extract oxygen from blood when challenged by exercise at high altitude.

Xtreme Alps 2010 - end of week one report
17/08/10:  The first week of research at the Margherita Hut is drawing to a close. Team A are completing the final few studies and are enjoying a break in the weather to get some fresh air.

Nitric Oxide at Altitude
16/08/10:  Nitric oxide (NO) is a signaling molecule that controls vital bodily functions including the regulation of blood flow and blood pressure.

Pulmonary artery pressure at altitude
15/08/10:  It has been known for a long time that the pulmonary artery pressure (pressure in the arteries of lung) goes up when one goes to high altitude.

Life as the Medical Officer for the Xtreme Alps expedition
14/08/10:  As the Medical Officer for the Xtreme Alps team, it has been my job to keep the team members as healthy as possible, so that research can go ahead as planned. Back at home I am a GP, and I am also a keen climber.

Neuroscience at high altitude
13/08/10:  Our neuroscience team (Mark Edsell, Matt Sanborn and Heng You) is working to understand how altitude affects blood flow and oxygen delivery to the brain.

Linking systemic inflammation in critical illness and at high altitude
12/08/10:  In this project we are asking the question: Do low oxygen levels at high altitude trigger the production of harmful inflammatory molecules similar to those seen in our patients in the intensive care unit?

Team A arrives at Gnifetti
09/08/10:  Team A has arrived at the Gnifetti Hut at 3670m, sited on the Rocce Garstelet. This hut is 420m above the Punta Indren cable car, the third in a series of cable cars that link to Alagna.

Xtreme Alps 2010 sets off this weekend
05/08/10:  The first investigators from the Xtreme Alps 2010 medical research expedition head for Milan this weekend.

Xtreme Alps ? Sea Level Testing
08/07/10:  Members of the Xtreme Alps team met last weekend to commence the sea level testing prior to our ascent to the Margherita Hut.

Giants of altitude research present for CASE
17/05/10:  CASE were delighted to host some of the "giants of altitude research" at the Kn02wledge V conference.

Shuttle veteran to lecture at UCL
31/03/10:  Dave Williams, veteran of 2 shuttle missions, including Neurolab in 1998, has kindly offered to give a lecture at UCL on April 9th 2010.

KnO2wledge V Conference 2010
09/09/09:  The fifth annual KnO2wledge conference will be held in London during the spring of 2010.

Research in Antarctica
10/08/09:  Dr Alex Salam reports on his research, direct from Concordia Station, Antarctica.

Caudwell Xtreme Everest
15/12/06:  Our latest project was a large-scale physiology study on route to and ascending Mount Everest in Nepal (8,848m) in the spring of 2007.