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Research - Altitude

Current projects related to high altitude medicine and physiology.

All of our research projects are now centred around the 2007 expedition to Mount Everest, Nepal. We are hoping to set up a number of physiology research laboratories at various altitudes along the trek in to Mount Everest Base Camp as well as more limited research facilities on the mountain itself. Our primary goal is the aquisition of arterial blood from a member of the summit team in order to analyse it in a portable blood gas machine. Further details of the whole project and how you can get involved can bee seen at our website

To see some of our previous research projects, including the study from our 2003 expedition to Mount Baruntse, Nepal, see publications.

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18/12/06: Mount Baruntse, Nepal
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Dr Dan Martin and Dr Paul Gunning checking medical equipment, Baruntse 2003

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