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Mac Mackenney

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Mac is a highly experienced expedition leader. With a background in Arctic operations and African overland expeditions, he has successfully completed over 14 expeditions worldwide.

At 20 years of age, Mac joined the British Army where he trained as a Helicopter Technician and soldier for four years. Whilst in the Army, Mac gained a wide range of experience as a technician in attack helicopters, Land Rovers, trucks, tracked over-snow vehicles, cars, motorbikes and various generator appliances. He has conducted helicopter engine changes in temperatures down to -37C in remote Arctic locations.

After leaving the army in 1989 he spent the following year working as a vehicle mechanic. Then from 1991 to 1993 Mac was a trainee Fighter Pilot and Commissioned Officer in the Royal Air Force. He holds a CAA Private Pilot Licence with multi engine ratings.

Following the defence cuts of the early 90's, Mac worked as an Expedition Leader, driving passengers around Africa in a 16-ton truck. This was followed in '96 by representing the UK in the arduous Camel Trophy competition.

In 1997, he accompanied Sir Ranulph Fiennes on the Land Rover Global Expedition and spent 10-weeks in Alaska establishing the feasibility of driving amphibious vehicles across the sea-ice of the Bering Strait to Russia.

In '98 he set 2 endurance driving world records, followed by a third in 2000, the fastest team to cross all of Europe, from the extreme north to south. That year, Mac was the Arctic Base Leader and right-hand man for Sir Ranulph Fiennes? EXEL North Pole Expedition. He assisted Ran in all aspects of the expedition during the 18-month planning stage and 5-week stay in the Canadian High Arctic.

His latest expedition was leading a vehicle expedition across the Sahara, where a team of 13 old 'bangers' negotiated sand dunes and bandits for over 5000 miles. Mac's Rover 200 diesel, although unfit to drive in the UK, made it all the way to Beinin in West Africa.

He is currently involved in a number of appointments including demonstration driver for General Motors in North America and support crew for BAR Formula 1 and FPR WSB race teams. He is the Founder & Director of Max Vehicle Training and Founder of Ecosalvage Environmental Task Force.

Mac?s hobbies and interests include car and motorcycle maintenance and repair, off-road driving and independent world travel. He is a qualified off-road driving instructor and writes for a car magazine He has visited over 50 countries.

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