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2010 ecard
22/12/10Kay Mitchell

Season's greetings from the CASE Medicine Team
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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Paula, Tom, Adam, Ali and Al on their way down to the Gnefetti
26/08/10Ali Cobb

Xtreme Alps leave the Margherita Hut
Today Team B descended from the Margherita hut. It was a relatively leisurely start as there was no blood taking or Nitric Oxide analysis to be done before breakfast; only the dreaded diary!
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Dan talks to the Italian news about Xtreme Alps
25/08/10Ali Cobb

The final day for Xtreme Alps at the Margherita Hut
Today was the final day for the Xtreme Alps team at the Margherita Hut so there was a lot of sorting and packing to be done.
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Will carries out his LIMON test
24/08/10Ali Cobb

The packing begins at the Margherita Hut
Business as usual today. However, we have made great strides in the few days we have been here.
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Paula calibrates the Nicom machine
23/08/10Ali Cobb

The final day of CPEX testing for the Xtreme Alps Team
Today was the final day of CPEX testing for the Xtreme Alps Team and thankfully it went much smoother than yesterday!
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Oli F, Alex, Oli M and Maryam head out for an afternoon walk
22/08/10Ali Cobb

Yesterday was too good to be true...!
After yesterday?s extremely successful and very efficient day of testing we had high hopes for today?s CPEX research.
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Alex prepares for his CPEX ramp test
21/08/10Ali Cobb

Day 1 of CPEX for Team B
Today was the first day of CPEX testing for Team B.
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Liesl and Jo happy that the Margherita Hut is in sight
20/08/10Ali Cobb

Team B arrive at the Margherita Hut
Today was a rest day for Team B at the Margherita Hut. However, as usual, very little resting has been done!
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Team A and B meet in the Gnefetti Hut
19/08/10Ali Cobb

Team A and B meet at the Gnefetti Hut
Team A had a very warm welcome from Team B when we descended through gale force winds and 50cm of snow to the Gnefetti Hut yesterday. Team B had been at the hut for 3 days to acclimatise and were all in very good spirits.
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Mark Edsell's oxygen saturations and heart rate
17/08/10Ali Cobb

Last day for Team A at the Margherita Hut
It is the last day for Team A at the Margherita Hut before we descend to the Gnefetti Hut tomorrow to meet up with Team B who are acclimatising there at the moment.
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Labcold's mascot enjoying spending time in the lab
16/08/10Ali Cobb

The snow continues, as does the research...
The snow has continued to fall at the Margherita Hut and today saw Team A complete the oxygen extraction and physiology studies.
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The equipment cases on our balcony covered in snow
15/08/10Ali Cobb

Another busy day in the snowy Margherita Hut for Team A.
Another busy day in the snowy Margherita Hut for Team A.
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Andrew Cumptsey carries out a CPEX test
14/08/10Ali Cobb

Snowed in at the Margherita Hut
Team A is now in the full swing of research at the Margherita Hut.
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Oli Burdell carries out a CPEX test while Ned Gilter takes blood from him
13/08/10Ali Cobb

Living on top of the Alps
Imagine living above the clouds, looking out of the window and seeing the top of the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc.
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Happy Birthday Hannah
13/08/10Ali Cobb

Happy 4th Birthday Hannah
Mark Edsell (daddy) and the Xtreme Alps team would like to wish Hannah Sky Edsell a wonderful 4th birthday from the Marghertia Hut. Daddy Loves you and misses you and your sister Olivia very much. xx
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Martin Feelish carries out a neuroscience experiment
12/08/10Ali Cobb

Building the lab and starting the tests
After a hard day climbing to the Margherita Hut, all of Team A were in need of a well earned rest.
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The sun starts to rise
10/08/10Kay Mitchell

Ascent to the Margherita Hut
Team A has now arrived at the Margherita Hut. They had to make the ascent a day early, as the forecast for the next few days is not good at all.
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Phil Hennis is determined not to get brain freeze
09/08/10Kay Mitchell

50 steps at a time
The walk from the top of the Punta Indren cable car to the Gnifetti Hut is quite a walk!
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All done!
06/08/10Kay Mitchell

Ready for the off!
Dr Dan Martin and I are completing our last minute packing and setting off for the airport this afternoon.
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Paula, Tom, Adam, Ali and Al on their way down to the Gnefetti

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