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BSc Course Unit:
Space medicine and extreme environment physiology

Available to undergraduates in their final year who are studying physiology and allied courses at University College London.

CASE organise and teach a 3rd year bachelors course unit in Space Medicine and Extreme Environment Physiology at University College London. The students are final year physiologists, or medical students intercalating a BSc within their medical training. The course contributes a single unit to the final year of the Physiology BSc and allied courses.

We have an international faculty of lecturers including representatives from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the European Space Agency (ESA) and experts in high altitude and diving physiology from the UK.

The course content includes the physiology and pathophysiology of space, terrestrial high altitude, diving and hyperbarics, and performance and survival in other extreme environments.

Students attend around 30 lectures and there is a program of small group tutorials in which transferable skills including presentation skills are taught and developed. Course assessment includes in-course essays and a presentation and a formal end-of-year exam.

Interested students within the University of London and beyond should contact t he CASE directors: [email] Dr Mike Grocott or [email] Dr Kevin Fong.

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