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BLOG: Ali Cobb  15th Aug 2010
Another busy day in the snowy Margherita Hut for Team A.

Another busy day in the snowy Margherita Hut for Team A. Today all the core subjects underwent the physiology studies which consisted of strain gauge plethysmography, muscle near infra-red spectroscopy (NIRS) and sidestream dark field (SDF) study of microcirculation under the tongue. The other main study going on was the Oxygen Extraction study in which Paula Meale and Adam Booth had central lines and arterial lines inserted by Dan Martin and Mark Edsell and then carried out a CPEX test. The test was particularly difficult for them as during the ramp test, in which the subject cycles on an increasing ramp until exhaustion, they had blood taken from both their central and arterial line every minute. Both subjects performed extremely well.

Today yet more snow fell today leaving us with approximately 50cm total over the last few days at the Margherita Hut. A few brave members of the team managed to get out for a blizzardy walk from the hut today and returned rather damp and wet!

Tonight?s entertainment is in the form of a pub quiz which has been put together by Ned Gilbert and Steve Dauncey. Competition is high amongst the Xtreme Alps team and with an unidentified prize up for grabs (probably wet wipes; the most valuable item at the hut!) everyone is out to win!

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