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BLOG: Ali Cobb  22nd Aug 2010
Yesterday was too good to be true...!

After yesterday?s extremely successful and very efficient day of testing we had high hopes for today?s CPEX research. However, the machines seem to have developed mountain sickness once more as they refused to cooperate with the calibration and performance of tests.

We began testing again after breakfast this morning but unfortunately one of the machines used to calculate Basal Metabolic Rate seems of have given in to the pressure of high altitude. After much persuasion and trouble-shooting by our CPEX expert Al, we accepted that we were a BMR machine down and had to carry on the rest of the day with just one. This greatly slowed down the day?s testing. However, we managed to finish the day?s work with Laura carrying out a very impressive VO2 Max test just minutes before dinner was served.

The weather is still glorious and some of Team B went out for a walk up one of the local peaks this afternoon. The food continues to improve (although I don?t want to rub it in too much to Team A!) with meatballs and pasta with jam tart for lunch and salmon for dinner today.

Currently outside, the wind is picking up and the pressure is dropping; it looks like the storms are coming to the Margherita Hut?!

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